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Volunteer Resources Chair

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 23:54
General Description: 

As the HR honcho for A.T. Vista, you will provide help with recruiting, placing, and recognizing conference volunteers. In addition, you will serve on the A.T. Vista Steering Committee and  work with Marketing Committee Chair to post ads for positions that have not been filled. In addition and supervise the Volunteer Recognition coordinators.


Assit Steering Committee members with recruiting committee members, and volunteers in the months prior to the meeting and duing the conference.

  • Ability to write job descriptions and ads
  • Network of other trail volunteers
Specific Tasks: 
  • While running the Conference
    • Be a member of the Steering Committee
    • Track own hours
  • Before Conference
    • Write job descriptions and ads for recruiting announcements
    • Develop timeline
    • Help committee chairs with recruiting
    • Develop information for large poster listing volunteers and give to signs chair
    • Assign volunteers based on conference needs and their interest especially for the many volunteers needed to direct people to registration, workshop, and food lines in the cafeteria, and help at the registration table
    • Oversee Volunteer Recognition Coordinators
  • During the Conference
    • Distribute T-shirts for volunteers
    • Volunteer recognition
  • After Conference
    • Prepare a report
  • Meet and work alongside people who share your passion for the outdoors
  • Work with knowledgeable hikers from outside your region
  • Learn how to enter content on the A.T. Vista website
  • Say you part of organizing a multi-day conference
Coordinates with: 
  • All Committee chairs  including the Steering Committee
  • Volunteer Recognition Coordinators
Time Line: 
  • Winter of the year before the conference - Set up system, develop request form-
  • Spring of the the year prior to the conference - Recruit volunteers, make assignments
  • May /June of the year of the conference - Oversee volunteer placement
  • Meeting Week- Help keep the system working.
  • Sept following the conference - Final report due